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SOS 2013/2014 

SOS is a development training program. It was born as an opportunity for writers and producers to meet and collaborate in a uniquely creative environment. As well as developing specific scripts, and building development skills the scheme aims to connect emerging writers and producers from across the UK with one another and with established professionals of the European Film Industry. Though we focus on working with British talent, we encourage their connection to a wider European industry through our international speakers and by traveling out of the country for one of the three workshops. 


Writers on the programme will develop a feature length script from a core idea they initially submit in short form. This is done through intensive workshops that feature industry professionals, development support from SOS mentors, and structured input from the producer participants, and writing peers.


Producers on the programme will build their development skills. The workshops will feature industry professionals from whom the producer will learn development tools, and new ways of approaching this creative process. Moreover the producers will have an invaluable opportunity to fast track their development skills and improve their editorial taste by working on a number of the selected scripts whilst learning to work with different writers.

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